Holiday Hours

We’ve always had a commitment to our staff to allow them the ability to visit family and friends around holidays. Sometimes, we need to reduce our hours of operation a bit while we are short-staffed. Also, December 25 is the only day we close annually.

Here are our hours on the impacted days through January 1:

December 24: Eastern Market 7-1, MidCity 8-1, Union Market 8-3

December 25: all locations closed

December 26: Eastern Market 8-3, MidCity 8-2, Union Market 8-8

December 27: Eastern Market 8-3, MidCity 7-9, Union Market 8-8

December 28: Eastern Market 8-3, MidCity 8-7, Union Market 8-8

December 31: Eastern Market 7-7, MidCity 7-7, Union Market 8-8

January 1: Eastern Market 8-8, MidCity 8-8, Union Market closed


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