USBC, USA Today and Epicurious

The 2014 United States Barista Championship was held April 25-27 in Seattle, Washington. This year, we were proud to send Dawn Shanks as our Peregrine Espresso competitor after she placed 3rd place in the Southeast Regional Barista Competition and earned a place in the US Championship. There were only 36 baristas from across the United States that qualified for the national competition.

photo 1

This was Dawn’s first year competing and she did a fantastic job. She served Idido Sundried from Ethiopia roasted by Counter Culture Coffee and her signature drink included Aloe, raspberry and cherry juices. Dawn placed 13th of the 24 baristas in the 1st round (12 baristas had already pre-qualified for the semifinal round) but had a wonderful, professional and inspiring performance.

Union Market Shop Manager Travis Beckett (still the only DC resident to ever make USBC Finals) volunteered as a judge for the first two rounds of the USBC and Eastern Market barista Ben Blake cartooned (Sprudge link here) and was knocked out in the first round of the US Aeropress Championship. Seattle offered up wonderful food, coffee and friends as always.

Recently, we were featured in a couple of articles that didn’t get blogged about:

USA Today: USA Today did a feature titled 10 Best Coffeehouses Across the USA and included us. Find the link here.

Epicurious: compiled a list of America’s 25 Best Coffee Shops and we were honored to be included there as well. Click the link for that one here.

Both of these lists feature some of our nations best and most progressive coffee companies that we are always excited to be mentioned alongside.


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