New Menus- Barista’s Choice

Since opening our second shop on 14th St NW in 2011, we’ve pretty much had the same menu at each of our shops at any given moment. You like that Finca Mauritania at our Eastern Market shop? Odds are pretty good that it is on the menu at the other two. We consider the options available to us from our good friends at Counter Culture and then generally decide on a company-wide menu.

This month, we tried something different. Two weeks ago, we ordered 18 different coffees, held two giant cuppings and let the baristas from each shop decide on the menu they’ll be serving. On the table were seven small lots from Ecuador, as well as one or more coffees from Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Bolovia, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea. Essentially, these are the best coffees available during this season of the year.

The coffees were cupped blind, votes were submitted and the results will be rolled out at the shops in the next couple of days. There were a couple of company-wide favorites (Mpemba and Los Alpes) but also a number of coffees that will only be available at one of the shops so feel free to travel about the city and taste them all. (There are also two coffees at Eastern Market that can’t be found anywhere else as we’ve secured the entire lot.)

Eastern Market:
Remera, Rwanda
Mpemba, Burundi
Bertha Dolores Ruiz Castillo, Ecuador (Peregrine exclusive)
Robert Antonio Jarmarillo Camacho, Ecuador (Peregrine exclusive)
Finca Los Alpes, El Salvador

Baroida, PNG
Mpemba, Burundi
Nueva Llusta, Bolivia
Segundo Benjamin Ruiz, Ecuador
Finca Los Alpes, El Salvador

Union Market:
Remera, Rwanda
Tsheya, DRC
Tairora, PNG,
Mpemba, Burundi
Finca Los Alpes, El Salvador


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