Hillys and Thanksgiving and Aida


First off, we are pleased to share that on Sunday, November 13, Peregrine Espresso took home the Hilly for Best Coffeeshop on Capitol Hill for the second consecutive year. We are thankful for our neighbors on Capitol Hill and look forward to many more years serving all of you.

Second, you may be wondering what our plans are for Thanksgiving. We are going to be open from 7-12 at both shops on Thanksgiving morning and resume normal hours on Friday. Please stop by and pick up some coffee to accompany your pumpkin pie and treat your guests to some of Aida Batlle’s wonderful coffees from El Salvador. We are particularly loving the Finca Tanzania Pacamara for some nice sweet/savory combo and Finca Mauritania Sundried if you’re looking for a punch of berries during these dark days.

Speaking of Aida Batlle, The New Yorker recently featured a great article on her which you can find here. We’ve been serving her coffees since we opened over three years ago and are proud to have been serving only coffees from her farms for the month of November, including a fantastic Pulp Natural espresso from Finca Mauritania.


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