Cinco de Junio Project

Peregrine Espresso is excited to embark on a new project involving the coffee community in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua. Las Sabanas is in the northern highlands of Nicaragua and home to the Cinco de Junio coffee cooperative. Working directly with Counter Culture Coffee, this co-op has made big strides in improving coffee quality over the past few years and produced a delicious lot for 2011 that includes both a microlot and a Pulp Natural coffee used for espresso.

Since Counter Culture’s Sustainability and Producer Relations Manager, Kim Elena Bullock first visited Las Sabanas in 2009, the 140 families of the Cinco de Junio co-op have worked hard to improve the quality of their coffee with each harvest. To help achieve this end, the co-op offers farmers a place to learn about optimal farming practices, such as soil composting and organic farming. As coffee farming constitutes the majority of the economy in and around Las Sabanas, the co-op also works to give back to the community through it’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The Cinco de Junio co-op formally started working with the Fabretto Children’s Foundation when the two organizations teamed up in 2009 to work on strategies to improve the cooperative’s administration and production strategies. Fabretto has been working in the northern highlands of Nicaragua for over many years, fulfilling their mission to “enable impoverished Nicaraguan children and their families in underserved communities break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential through programs promoting nutrition, health, education, community and character development.” They run a number of health and education programs, including a rural secondary program, and vocational training in remote, rural communities near the Honduran border. Fabretto also works specifically in the elementary schools in Las Sabanas, supplementing the half day of Nicaraguan public school the government provides students with extracurricular activities and a nutritious lunch. Not only do the children of Las Sabanas (many whose families belong to the co-op) get a more complete education, the nutrition they receive from the school lunches is a vital supplement to their diets in a region where many children are chronically malnourished.
The Fabretto Children’s Foundation and the Cinco de Junio co-op are each essential to the support system within the Las Sabanas community. Peregrine is proud to support Fabretto by donating $0.25 from each cup and $1 from each bag of Cinco de Junio sold. The money raised will help pay the teachers who run the extracurricular elementary programs. This is the first year Counter Culture has sold Cinco de Junio as a single-origin coffee so we’re especially excited to be able to highlight the co-op’s coffee with this project.

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Please enjoy these pictures from Fabretto:


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