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Finca Mauritania Tasting/Discussion this Saturday

This Saturday night at 7 pm, we’ll be having an event at the shop focusing on one of our favorite coffee producers–Aida Batlle of Finca Mauritania in El Salvador.

We’ll be tasting Aida’s coffees–Finca Mauritania both Washed and Sundried as well as the Finca Mauritania Triple Process Espresso and Cascara “Tea”–and will be discussing progress on the Reforestation Project we raised money for last year and introducing details on the new project we are raising money for this year.  We are also excited to be hosting Kim Bullock, Counter Culture Coffee’s Sustainability and Producer Relations Manager, and we’ll be chatting with Aida Batlle live via webcam about her experiences as a producer.

To recap:  coffee tasting, learning, chatting with a coffee producer, this Saturday (October 23), 7 PM.  See you then.


Barista Magazine

Check out the October/November issue of Barista Magazine for a cover story/q and a on Peregrine Espresso owner Ryan Jensen.  To see the cover, click here or head to  To read the article, click here.

First off–yes, there is such a thing as Barista Magazine.  For the last five-plus years, it has been a valuable resource in the specialty coffee community and has worked to further legitimize the barista craft in the US and abroad.  When Editor Sarah Allen asked if I’d be willing to be the subject of a cover story, I was honored to be able to share my story from working a coffee job in college to opening my own cafe on Capitol Hill.  It’s been a great experience and I am grateful to our staff and our customers for making this a continuously enjoyable adventure.

Also, we were happy to have our friend and Capitol Hill resident Regis Vogt ( do the photography so be sure to look him up next time you have any photographic needs.