Finca Mauritania Bonanza!

We now have on our menu not only the Finca Mauritania Washed that you all have been enjoying for a couple of months but we just got in the Sundried version from the same farm.  Look for amazing red fruit notes and super-duper sweetness in the Sundried.  Sometime this weekend, we’ll also be switching from Espresso Apollo to the Finca Mauritania Triple Process Espresso, which combines both the Washed and Sundried from above with coffee that is processed in the Pulped Natural method.

Here are some notes from Peter Giuliano of Counter Culture Coffee, explaining these different processes:

“First up, let’s start with the classic: Finca Mauritania Washed. We usually focus on sweetness when we taste this, but I there is another notable virtue of this coffee: cleanliness. The absence of noise, the clarity, allows the flavor to shine through. That’s the greatness of well-executed wet processing. Aida takes the skin off the cherry and lets the coffee ferment in its mucilage for 14 hours, then washes the mucilage off with perfectly clean water. She’s insistent about details – the right kind of water, clay tiles to dry on. This perfectionism is evident, ironically, in how difficult it is to notice the processing. Beautiful.

Next up, Finca Mauritania Pulped Natural. For pulped naturals, the fermentation and washing are simply skipped, and the coffee is dried with its mucilage still attached. This is risky, but, when successful, it lends a dusky, spicy, heavier-bodied coffee. It’s kind of like the difference between white sugar and honey. In fact, some call the process the “honey” process (the name for mucilage in Spanish is “miel” or “honey”).

Last, check out Finca Mauritania Natural Sundried. This is the natural, coffee dried in its cherry, and it is always a surprise. This year, I especially love it – there is plenty of fruit of course, but it’s a kind of dried fruit; notes of fresh strawberry taking a backseat to notes of raisin, with more spices and seeds in the mix. Exotic.”

Of course, this is a farm that we’ve been able to get coffee from for the last couple of years and we were proud to help fund a reforestation project on the farm last year and a school project this year.  More information on the school project is coming and we hope to have an event in October detailing the project.


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