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Menu Changes and Food and Wine

In the August issue of Food and Wine magazine, we were featured in an article about iced coffee.  We use the “Japanese method” which, simply put, is brewing extra strength hot coffee over ice to cool and dilute it to regular strength.  We have found this method to be good at bringing out the fruity acidity of coffees and also retaining a refreshing quality.  The article also mentioned a lemon-jasmine syrup which we had planned to pair with Iced Harfusa as an August special, but we will be out of this coffee by the end of the weekend so we’ll have to go back to the drawing board on that.

In the past few weeks, our delicious Espresso No Name #1 found a name for itself:  Espresso Apollo.  You can read about it here or at  Currently, it is a blend of Dulce Nombre de Jesus, Honduras and Harfusa, Ethiopia and you can taste it everyday at the shop.

Nemba, Burundi is no longer available but we are excited to have added the Los Gemelos Microlot from Finca Nueva Armenia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  Also, as mentioned above, this is the last week we will have Harfusa from Ethiopia.

In our drinks case, we have added Trickling Springs Creamery Chocolate Milk in pint bottles for kids both young and old.  And due to demand, we have held over our June specials for July- come and try Indian Summer and Yo Numba for the rest of the month


Open At Last

Power was restored to our building around 9:30 this morning and we opened at 10:15.  Come on by.


No Power=No Coffee

We have no power in our building this morning.  That translates directly until us being closed until Pepco figures out what the problem is.

Follow us on twitter (@peregrinedc) or this blog for updates.  Hopefully we are back up by lunchtime.