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New Espresso and Fresh Cup thoughts

On Elliott Smith’s debut album, Roman Candle, the third track was titled, “No Name #1.”  Our new espresso blend, a prototype from Counter Culture, was first delivered to us with the same words written on the bag.  As an homage to Mr. Smith, we have decided to leave that name intact.  In contrast to how many would characterize Elliott’s music, this is a deliciously bright and summery blend.  It is currently composed of Washed Valle del Santuario from Peru and Harfusa from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, though that is subject to change. Come in and enjoy!

I also wanted to post of a couple of thoughts clarifying a couple of quotes in the Fresh Cup article previously linked on the blog and found here.  Maybe its silly but I just wanted to make sure that things don’t get misconstrued.

“DC isn’t very cool”: Of course, I think DC is cool.  But I don’t think outsiders think DC is very cool–particularly in the coffee industry.  While many roasters and aspiring coffee entrepreneurs have invested in “cool” markets like NYC, San Francisco, and Portland, DC has been largely ignored.  Frankly, I love our coffee scene and hope that it continues to be homegrown, even if it doesn’t have the same cachet that some other cities do.

I only “theoretically” like people:  My wife and I are both introverts.  Most days, the thought of seeing hundreds of people isn’t terribly appealing but we really do love our customers and people in general–sometimes, it just takes a bit of work for a couple of introverts to run a coffee business.

“We’re the best of the best”:  When I read this quote from Jeremy, I had to laugh because I know that he would never make such a bold statement.  After he read it, he immediately called me to apologize and couldn’t remember what context he would’ve used the phrase “best of the best.”  Knowing humble Jeremy, he was probably heaping praise on his coworkers.

Maybe that was unnecessary, but when your mom calls to ask you to explain what you meant when you said “x,” it might be worth a quick post.


June Specials and Fresh Cup Spotlight

June is upon us and so brings two new drink specials:

Indian Summer:  Espresso with a touch of vanilla, a pinch of garam masala on ice and finished with milk foam.

Yo Numba:  Iced China Breakfast tea with mint syrup and cranberry juice.

Also, we were the subject of a Spotlight article in Fresh Cup Magazine’s annual Coffee Almanac issue.  Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer. (edit: I posted a couple thoughts of clarification relating to that article here.)