MARBC Results

This past weekend was the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition.  Our three baristas fared very well, taking home 1st, 3rd and 4th place.

Jeremy Sterner was the champion, with Randy Kindle in 3rd and Grant Machamer in 4th.  2nd place went to our friend Allie Turner leading to a DC sweep of the top four places.  Jeremy will now advance to the semifinal round of the United States Barista Championship in Anaheim in April during the annual SCAA Exposition and Symposium.

At the same venue this past weekend was the Millrock Free Pour Latte Art Championship, which Jeremy Sterner also won, taking home $2500.

We are very proud of our baristas and thank our customers and vendors for all their support.


2 responses to “MARBC Results

  1. Hey Jeremy, did you get an oversized novelty check from Mill Rock? Where do you cash a thing like that?… Just in case I win Publisher’s Clearing House.

    Congrats! You did an amazing job and I know you’ll do the Mid Atlantic proud at nationals.

  2. Congratulations to all and to all a great cup of coffee!

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