Snow/MARBC shirts

So I’ve heard that there are some flurries on their way…

We will be open at 7 am tomorrow (Friday) like usual but may find ourselves closing early Friday evening and operating under restricted hours on Saturday.  We do plan on being open for most of the day Saturday but will update our blog and twitter as we decide what to do.

(We will not, however, be cupping Friday afternoon)

In other news, we have debuted new tshirts this week.  These baby blue shirts feature a design by one of the members of our team that will be traveling up to New Jersey to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition March 5-7.  Jeremy Sterner, Grant MacHamer and Randy Kindle are feverishly training to compete against baristas from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and DC.  The shirts are $15 and proceeds from the sales will help pay for travel, hotel rooms and supplies (they have to bring all their own dishes, linens, ingredients, etc).  Show your support by picking up a shirt and ask any of the team about the signature drinks they are working.

As soon as one of our team returns from vacation, we’ll get a team photo and a peek at the design on the shirt.


One response to “Snow/MARBC shirts

  1. Looking forward to seeing Team Peregrine in NJ. Best of luck to you. Neat idea using tees for fundraising – hope it works out.

    Also wish you the best on handling the next foot of snow coming your way!

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