Espresso Toscano

This past weekend, we ran through the remaining supply of the delicious and fruity Finca Mauritania Triple Process Espresso.  Taking its place is the Espresso Toscano blend.  Toscano is a longtime favorite of a number of our baristas and features delicious caramel and bittersweet chocolate notes and a great creamy body.

This blend is a bit of a departure from the last few espressos we’ve been using and, while we have enjoyed a lot of fruit and brightness this summer and fall, we thought we’d try something a little more earthy and chocolate-y for a little while to match the coming cool weather.  Let us know what you think–we’re excited to be able to switch up the coffees we use for our espresso and want to make sure that the quality is always consistent no matter what goes in the hopper.


One response to “Espresso Toscano

  1. I’ve only just found you this month so I missed the fruit faze but I love the Toscano blend. A rich, fragrant nose and clean finish, low acidity. Everything a girl could want in an espresso.

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