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We are OPEN Thanksgiving Day!

Here is our plan for the coming days:

Thanksgiving Day:  8am-1pm

Friday:  8am-9pm

Saturday:  7am-9pm  (back to normal)

Sunday:  8am-8pm

Come support your local retailers this weekend and always.  See you soon.


The HILLY Awards

Last Friday night was the 1st Annual HILLY Awards held in the North Hall of Eastern Market.  All the neighborhood movers and shakers came out to celebrate life and business on Capitol Hill and see who would come home with the awards.

We were thrilled to be nominated in the Best Restaurant/Cafe category and were honored to have our name on a ballot alongside some of our favorite neighborhood restaurants:  Montmartre, Belga, Matchbox and Cava.  In the end, we were excited to learn that we had wound up in a tie for runner-up in our category with Matchbox, behind winner Cava.

It was a great night to enjoy with some of our neighbors, customers and friends and it was fun to see awards also won by Fragers Hardware, Hills Kitchen and DC Access.  Thanks, CHAMPS, for a great party and we can’t wait for the 2nd Annual HILLY Awards.

Finca Mauritania Project

We are proud to announce today a project that we’ve cooked up with our friends at Counter Culture Coffee and Finca Mauritania.  Here is a complete rundown of the program:

Peregrine Espresso’s sustainable coffees are artfully roasted by Counter Culture Coffee, which sources directly from skilled farmers who share our commitments to quality, ecological diversity, and the environment.

Aida Batlle, owner-operator of Santa Ana, El Salvador-based Finca Mauritania, stands out as one of the most innovative and passionate of these farmer-partners, and coffee lovers in the U.S. have celebrated her dedication to growing the heirloom Bourbon coffee variety since Counter Culture began buying her coffee in 2004. In 2008, Aida successfully obtained organic certification after three challenging years of transition. As Aida often remarks, her ability to produce great-tasting coffee depends on the health of her coffee plants, which in turn depend on the health of the natural environment that surrounds and nurtures their growth.

In order to support that natural environment, we’ve joined with Aida and Counter Culture Coffee in a reforestation initiative aimed at protecting the soil, water, and biodiversity of Finca Mauritania. Tree planting offers myriad ecological benefits:
• Shaded coffee plants mature more slowly, increasing sweetness and complexity.
• Trees help restore nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for fertilizers.
• Root systems help prevent topsoil erosion.
• Tree trunks, branches, and canopies provide habitats for birds and other wildlife.
• A tree can sequester 50 pounds of carbon per year, counteracting deforestation.

Peregrine Espresso is proud of our role in this project and invite you, our customers, to join us in this initiative to fight global climate change and create a more sustainable coffee trade. Beginning November 1, 2009, we began contributing $0.25 per cup and $1.00 per pound of Finca Mauritania coffee sold to planting trees on the farm this year.

Exclusive to Peregrine Espresso, this pilot sustainability project seeks not only to make a positive impact today, but also to explore the possibility of scaling up similar efforts to involve more partners, as well as additional areas of focus including water, soil, biodiversity, or a combination thereof.

Espresso Toscano

This past weekend, we ran through the remaining supply of the delicious and fruity Finca Mauritania Triple Process Espresso.  Taking its place is the Espresso Toscano blend.  Toscano is a longtime favorite of a number of our baristas and features delicious caramel and bittersweet chocolate notes and a great creamy body.

This blend is a bit of a departure from the last few espressos we’ve been using and, while we have enjoyed a lot of fruit and brightness this summer and fall, we thought we’d try something a little more earthy and chocolate-y for a little while to match the coming cool weather.  Let us know what you think–we’re excited to be able to switch up the coffees we use for our espresso and want to make sure that the quality is always consistent no matter what goes in the hopper.

New Travel Mugs

Earlier this week, we got a new batch of travel mugs in.  We really love the combination of ceramic and stainless to provide good insulation but still a great drinking experience.

This mug is available for $18.  Come get yours today.

See you soon.