Cupcakes! New Espresso!

Last weekend, we kicked off our cupcake campaign.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will be offering delicious Buzz Bakery cupcakes to our lineup of afternoon sweets.  Each day will bring two different flavors so stop in often to catch the various options.  Follow us on Twitter (@peregrinedc) for the daily update but here is what we have this weekend:

Friday:  Red Velvet and Vanilla/Vanilla

Saturday:  Caramel Apple and Buzz (chocolate with mocha buttercream)

Sunday:  Pumpkin and Chocolate/Chocolate

Also, we are excited to be debuting a new espresso in the next few days.  We will be switching from the delicious Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza from Brazil to the equally delicious Finca Mauritania from El Salvador.  This will be a blend of three different processes of coffee from one farm–Sun Dried, Pulped Natural and Washed.  We are very excited to feature this coffee and, in case you are keeping score, that puts five different coffees from El Salvador on our menu–Finca Mauritania Washed, Finca Mauritania Sun Dried, Los Luchadores, Finca Kilaminjaro and the Finca Mauritania Espresso.  Taste the variety and see how distinct coffees all hailing from the same country can be.

Have a great Friday.


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