New T-Shirt and Most Amazing Coffee Menu Ever

We just got a new batch of t-shirts in, as seen below.  They are $15 and are a must-have for the fall.


Beginning tomorrow, we will have coffee lineup that I believe rivals any selection of coffees we’ve ever had the privilege of offering.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep much of this lineup for a good part of the fall so take your time working through these fine coffees:

Finca Nueva Armenia, Guatemala

Shakisso Washed, Ethiopia

Los Luchadores, El Salvador

Finca Mauritania, El Salvador

Finca Mauritania Sundried- El Salvador

Thunguri (and soon Ndaroini)- Kenya

Finca Kilaminjaro- El Salvador

Esmeralda- Panama  (only for about a week)

Finally, it looks like 7th St is complete from C St to Pennsylvania Ave so you can all now park in front of our store morning, noon and night.  Recently frustrated by the inability to drive to us??  Problem solved.


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