Drippers Back In and New Coffees

Happy autumn Thursday.

If you have been patiently waiting for a Beehouse Dripper, be aware that they are back in stock as of yesterday.

Also, there have been a lot of changes to our coffee menu as the seasons change.  Just as we are entering delicious local apple season, we are also entering delicious Central American coffee season.  Like any agricultural product, coffee is only harvested at specific times of the year in particular growing regions and, in turn, each coffee has peak times for consuming.

Here is the new coffee lineup:

Finca Nueva Armenia, Guatemala

Decaf 21st de Septiembre, Zaragoza, Mexico

Gayo, Sumatra

El Puente, Honduras

Finca Mauritania, El Salvador

Thunguri, Kenya

There will be more changes throughout the next few weeks including the famous and delicious Hacienda Esmeralda Special Microlot from Panama and some new Ethiopian coffees.


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