NewsChannel 8 and August Specials

We were on the news last night!

NewsChannel 8 was doing a story on wifi in cafes and we ended up getting featured during the piece.  That nice macchiato at the beginning was ours as well as the interview with Scott Phelps and, of course, the two lines that Ryan said.  Check it out here.  BTW, we have no immediate plans to change our wireless accessibility, though the time will come when the weekend market hours will require some sort of action.

August Specials are now being served–come get Dessert (Espresso and Pistachio Air paired with Mascarpone and Cranberry) or Vacation (Espresso shaken over ice with Almond-Anise Syrup accompanied with a Calimyrna Fig and Candied Almonds).  These will be available through the rest of the month.


2 responses to “NewsChannel 8 and August Specials

  1. I’m a big fan of the system where you get credits for wifi usage based on how much coffee you drink. That way a person isn’t buying one drink and using wifi all day. It keeps people buying coffee and it keeps wifi on.

  2. That’s of course if it ever had to come to that. The way things are now is great!

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