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Kojo Nnamdi Show Today!

Happy Wednesday.

If anyone happens to be around a radio or a computer around 1:23 PM today, feel free to tune in to WAMU 88.5 for a discussion with Kojo Nnamdi about specialty coffee featuring Ryan Jensen, owner of Peregrine Espresso.  Also part of the discussion are Ric Rhinehart, Executive Director of the SCAA; Peter Giuliano, Vice-President of the SCAA and Director of Coffee at Counter Culture Coffee; Dale Johnson, Owner of Java Shack in Arlington.  It should be a good time and I’ll be sure to post the link to the archived file when it is posted.

Update:  You can listen to the segment on WAMU’s website.

In other news, Finca Nueva Armenia from Guatemala has taken over as our On Tap coffee and we’ve also added Finca El Puente from Honduras.  So long, La Golondrina and Bwayi–see you next year!


Beehouse Drippers BACK IN!!

We just received a big box full of Beehouse Drippers and have another box arriving early next week.  That should be enough Drippers to increase quality coffee consumption all across the city.  Please be reminded that WE DON’T SHIP and, if you want one, you will have to travel here to purchase it.

See you soon.

July Specials and Jack loves Peregrine

Hi everyone.

July’s specials are here and are being served.

P.Y.T.   Espresso, lemon syrup and a hint of mint shaken with ice, accompanied by a spoonful of cherry vanilla cream.

Billie Jean    Espresso with whipped cream and homemade peach topping, served with a Pollystyle graham cracker.

Also, check out this picture of Hill resident Jack Stofer sporting his Peregrine shirt.  (He’ll grow into it)  We have onesies (12-18 months) and kid tees (size 4T) available.

Some New Things and Some Old Things

We are excited to have some new tarts from our friends at Buzz this week:  Lemon Blueberry with Italian Meringe and Vanilla Rhubarb Almond.  We’ll likely have these for most of July so come and enjoy them.

Also, over the next day or two we are excited to debut the first of the new crop Central American coffees:  Finca Nueva Armenia from Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  Also, July’s specials will be added to the menu tomorrow which I can’t talk much about until they are done.

And a couple of reminders:

Every Friday at 5 pm we hold a free public coffee cupping at Hill’s Kitchen at 713 D St SE (across the Metro Plaza) which typically lasts about an hour.

Also, follow us at twitter as well as our facebook fan page for the latest developments.