Rwanda Nyakizu and Last Week for Specials

Beginning today, we are pleased to offer coffee from Nyakizu, Butare, Rwanda while we have dropped both the Ariel Pajoy microlot from Colombia and the Dolok Sanggul from Sumatra.  We are going for a trimmer summer menu to fit into our bathing suits and this delicious (citrus, honey and dried fruit) Rwandan sounds great for a picnic.  The Dolok Sanggul was great for some of these rainy days recently but sunshine awaits us…

Also, we will only be offering this round of specials for one more week through Memorial Day.  If you have been waiting to try them, this is your last chance.  Here are the descriptions one last time:

Tribute to Idido:  Blueberry-lemon syrup, espresso, topped with steamed cocoa nib-infused half and half.  Served with a square of Askinosie San Jose del Tambo chocolate.

“The Larry David”:  Coconut milk and whole milk base, espresso and lime with a spoonful of basil pop rocks.

I want to offer a special thanks to a couple of people that helped inspire these drinks–Abdullah Bagersh for producing wonderful Ethiopian coffees, and Allie Caran from Woodberry Kitchen (go there now!) in Baltimore for crafting delicious and creative espresso beverages.

Look for some new drinks in June and a special segue during the last week of May–Gerbicho Rogicha single origin Ethiopian espresso.


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