Tribute to Idido and “The Larry David”


We debuted two new drinks this afternoon for next month or so.  We had a lot of fun with the drinks from the Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition that we’ve been serving the past six weeks and have changed the menu to include a couple new concoctions.

Tribute to Idido:  Blueberry-lemon syrup, espresso, topped with steamed cocoa nib-infused half and half.  Served with a square of Askinosie San Jose del Tambo chocolate.

“The Larry David”:  Coconut milk and whole milk base, espresso and lime with a spoonful of basil pop rocks.

In other news, we will be open our regular hours tomorrow.

Take care.


2 responses to “Tribute to Idido and “The Larry David”

  1. Looking forward to the new concoctions.

    Why is Murky Coffee on your tiny link list? That place was awful. So glad they disappeared and made space for you.

  2. i want your pop rocks drink!!!!

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