Washington City Paper Best of


We are surprised and honored to be chosen as the Staff Pick under the category “Best Coffee Shop That’s Not Starbucks” in the Washington City Paper’s annual Best of DC.  It is also exciting that the shop named second-best was SOVA Espresso and Wine up on H St NE.

The readers chose Tryst as their favorite coffee shop along with Big Bear Cafe–both great shops serving delicious coffee that are run by wonderful people.  I must say that it is great to see more fantastic coffee bars in DC and, in turn, a lot more residents in the District that know and recognize great coffee.

Go, good coffee, go!


3 responses to “Washington City Paper Best of

  1. Congratulations to Peregrine and Ryan’s staff–Way to go! Hard work and high standards pay off.

  2. YEAH! Now I really have to arrange a trip back just to check out your shop. Is SOVA still doing their Intelligentsia/49th Parallel thing?

  3. I saw that, congratulations! With Murky closing down, this may be my new haunt, since it’s easier than getting to Chinatown at the new Murky loc.

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