New ways to visit us

Two things for today:

1.  We have learned that the parking lot at Hine Jr. High is now open for parking.  Last week, the city took away the street parking on the east side of 7th st. between Pennsylvania and C, but the lot for the former school is apparently available now.  I’m hoping for a more formal sign to make it clear of any rules, time restrictions, etc, but for now we’ve been told that it is open.  (In case you don’t know what lot I am speaking of, the entrance is located on the east side of 7th st SE about halfway between Pennsylvania and C st)

2.  Join the Peregrine Espresso twitter.  We started our twitter over the weekend and hope to keep any and all followers aware of new coffees, signature drinks, events and other news as it happens.  Go to to follow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too.


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