Happy March, Everyone!

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, spring is here.  Or is rumored to be coming sometime soon.  We’ll see about that.  Regardless, we have some changes afoot that I wanted to announce.

First, we have some new early spring specials on the espresso menu:  our competitors signature drinks from February’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition.

Espresso Pomander:  Clove syrup-rimmed glass with espresso, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and topped with tangerine and clove infused milk

Mielethymon:  Honey and Thyme mixed with espresso, topped with soy foam and a sprinkle of ancho chile.

David’s Drink:   Raspberry and Balsamic Vinegar reduction, espresso, chocolate sauce and malted milk foam.

We also swapped out the Humure from Rwanda for Kuta from Papua New Guinea and switched from the Ndaroini to the Tegu from Kenya.  Also, we have added a microlot from Yefri Pintado, Peru.

Starting today, we are also excited to debut some new desserts:  Key Lime Tart and French Silk Tart.

Hopefully, spring will actually come in the next week or two and we can start to see some more activity on the patio.


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