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New Circulator Route

Starting yesterday, the N22 bus route in DC was replaced by the DC Circulator.  The Circulator bus is only $1, runs every 10 minutes and follows this route between Union Station and the Navy Yard Metro, connecting Barracks Row, Pennsylvania Ave and M St SE along the way.  It runs between 6am-6pm weekdays

Enjoy this new way to explore Capitol Hill and maybe come get a cup of coffee while you’re at it.


Washington City Paper Best of


We are surprised and honored to be chosen as the Staff Pick under the category “Best Coffee Shop That’s Not Starbucks” in the Washington City Paper’s annual Best of DC.  It is also exciting that the shop named second-best was SOVA Espresso and Wine up on H St NE.

The readers chose Tryst as their favorite coffee shop along with Big Bear Cafe–both great shops serving delicious coffee that are run by wonderful people.  I must say that it is great to see more fantastic coffee bars in DC and, in turn, a lot more residents in the District that know and recognize great coffee.

Go, good coffee, go!

New ways to visit us

Two things for today:

1.  We have learned that the parking lot at Hine Jr. High is now open for parking.  Last week, the city took away the street parking on the east side of 7th st. between Pennsylvania and C, but the lot for the former school is apparently available now.  I’m hoping for a more formal sign to make it clear of any rules, time restrictions, etc, but for now we’ve been told that it is open.  (In case you don’t know what lot I am speaking of, the entrance is located on the east side of 7th st SE about halfway between Pennsylvania and C st)

2.  Join the Peregrine Espresso twitter.  We started our twitter over the weekend and hope to keep any and all followers aware of new coffees, signature drinks, events and other news as it happens.  Go to to follow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too.

An apology to some credit card users

Hello friends.

Due to internet connection issues this past weekend, a number of you may have been charged multiple times for transactions made using credit cards Friday, March 13-Sunday, March 15.  We have since resolved the internet issues and assure you that it was not a security issue–only a connectivity problem causing a number of charges to be run multiple times.  We are in touch with our merchant services provider to have all duplicate charges reversed.  This may take a day or two to reflect on your statement but please know that we are working on it.

We are very sorry for this problem and are taking steps to ensure that it cannot happen again.  Please feel free to contact me directly at ryan (at) if you have any other questions.

Please forgive us.


Washington City Paper Best of DC

Hey, everyone.

Be sure to vote for your favorite local businesses in the Washington City Paper Best of DC poll here.

There is a category called Best Coffee Shop.

That’s all for now.

Happy March, Everyone!

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, spring is here.  Or is rumored to be coming sometime soon.  We’ll see about that.  Regardless, we have some changes afoot that I wanted to announce.

First, we have some new early spring specials on the espresso menu:  our competitors signature drinks from February’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition.

Espresso Pomander:  Clove syrup-rimmed glass with espresso, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and topped with tangerine and clove infused milk

Mielethymon:  Honey and Thyme mixed with espresso, topped with soy foam and a sprinkle of ancho chile.

David’s Drink:   Raspberry and Balsamic Vinegar reduction, espresso, chocolate sauce and malted milk foam.

We also swapped out the Humure from Rwanda for Kuta from Papua New Guinea and switched from the Ndaroini to the Tegu from Kenya.  Also, we have added a microlot from Yefri Pintado, Peru.

Starting today, we are also excited to debut some new desserts:  Key Lime Tart and French Silk Tart.

Hopefully, spring will actually come in the next week or two and we can start to see some more activity on the patio.