Fridays at Four- Cuppings at Hill’s Kitchen

Join us this–and every–Friday at 4 pm across the way at Hill’s Kitchen for a delicious and educational coffee tasting.

Each week we will explore the fragrance, aroma, brightness, flavor, body and aftertaste of three coffees, diving into a world of coffee nuance and learning the stories behind these coffees and what makes them so dynamic.  Please join us promptly at 4 pm and refrain from wearing strong fragrance or eating spicy foods (one is bad for your experience, one is bad for others).

Cupping is the method by which professional coffee buyers assess and evaluate coffees and is also the way roasters determine how to roast a particular coffee to accentuate the best it has to offer.  We think that cupping is an amazing way to encounter a coffee and learn its deepest secrets.

Hill’s Kitchen is located at 713 D St SE on the south side of the Eastern Market metro plaza.  We will be upstairs in the demonstration kitchen.  This event is free of charge and RSVP is not required.  Also, it will take approximately an hour and a half.


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