Team Peregrine at the MARBC

After an exciting weekend of competition, our team placed well at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition.  David Flynn took home third, Jeremy Sterner was fourth and Randy Kindle was seventh out of over 25 competitors.

It turned to be a DC sweep of the top four spots with Katie Duris and Allyson Turner of murky coffee taking the top two spots.  Allie Caran of Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore (one of our favorite restaurants around) placed fifth with a performance including a signature drink with pop rocks and applewood-smoked honey.

If you see these guys at the shop, be sure to congratulate them for an awesome job.


4 responses to “Team Peregrine at the MARBC

  1. Great job Peregrine people, and nice meeting you all.

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  3. Great showing guys, hope to see some of you out here in Portland at the USBC. Booyah!

  4. Ryan, Jeremy, Randy, David:
    Excellent job by all. Hope to make it to the shop soon and see all in person. Congrats on being the best in DC.

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