Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition

We are getting prepared for a big trip to Cranberry, Pennsylvania, this coming weekend for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition (MARBC).  We have three competitors–Jeremy Sterner, David Flynn and Randy Kindle–among a field of near 30 vyeing for the title of regional champ.  The winner will get to travel to Portland, OR, to compete in the semifinal round of the USBC next month.

We are making arrangements for a projector to use over the weekend to show our competitors performances as well as the regional finals on Sunday from 1-3:30 PM.  As soon as we know the schedule, I will post (approximately) when each competitor will be performing so that no one misses the action.


Randy and Jeremy



Wish us luck.


3 responses to “Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition

  1. don´t we just love our espresso?

  2. Good luck guys! Make DC coffee proud!

  3. Good luck! I live just two blocks from where the USBC will be held, so I hope I get to see Peregrine in March!

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