Inaugural Schedule and New Coffees


In case you want to know, we are following our normal hours of operation for next week.  We will have additional staff during the crazy times but will not alter our schedule.  As a reminder, here is our schedule:

Monday-Saturday:  7am-9pm

Sunday:  8am-8pm

We welcome our new neighbors, Le Pain Quotidien, to the neighborhood.  They are hoping to open in the next few days and we are happy to have them.  It has been a lonely couple of months since Bread and Chocolate closed and we are excited for this new attraction on the Hill (I am looking forward to an egg salad and anchovy tartine).  I’m also happy that they will have some beer and wine on the menu so that we don’t have to travel too far for a post-shift refreshment.

Finally, we will be changing our menu in the next couple of days to include La Golondrina from Cauca, Colombia (to replace Finca Mauritania) and the Isidro Neira microlot from San Ignacio, Peru.  Both of these coffees have really cool stories and taste very delicious as well.  Check Counter Culture’s website for more details.


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