Peregrine Espresso In-house Competition

This past Sunday, we held our first ever in-house barista competition.  Shortly after closing, eight baristas showed off their coffee skills and other talents.  Highlights included spanish lessons, stories in international development, tear-away pants, Ace of Base, and pulling a shot of espresso with a barista riding on another barista’s back.

In the end, Jeremy Sterner emerged victorious, followed closely by David Flynn and Juliet Han.  Randy Kindle took home the Technical Proficiency Award and Mike Sala won the Entertainment/Education Award with his stunning portrayal of a NYC hipster barista.  Rachelle, Meredith and Maura wowed us with their poise and delicious beverages, as well.

I’m really proud of all eight that endured some nerves and faced our illustrious panel of judges (Lana Labermeier from Big Bear Cafe, David Fritzler from Tryst/Open City, and Alex Brown from Counter Culture Coffee).  It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out to be evaluated in that way and I’m really impressed with their performances.

Part of the point of the competition was to choose our team for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition in February near Pittsburgh.  We hope to send Jeremy Sterner, David Flynn and Randy Kindle to represent Peregrine Espresso and the great city of DC.  In the coming weeks, look for experimental signature drinks to be tested.


5 responses to “Peregrine Espresso In-house Competition

  1. it was so much fun, and all the contestants did such a great job!

    just one question: why isn’t juliet going to the regional? her caps were fantastic!

  2. peregrineespresso

    Juliet never wanted to go to the regional. I had to spend hours of pleading to convince her to participate in the in-house. After the in-house experience, she wants even less to do with competitions.

    She is a great barista but doesn’t see herself as a great barista competitor.

    Thanks, again, Lana.

  3. beautiful

  4. We held an info session for the comps last night here and it’s pretty well agreed among us that since you’re the only shop with two finalists returning, you’re the guys with the target on your back 😉

    Our kids are looking forward to slugging it out again with your gentlemen Jeremy & Randy and whomever else you’ve got. Tell them everyone here says “hi”.

    It’ll be a good time. This isn’t your garden variety el cheapo regional. Big screens, UStream and everything! Right now Pittsburgh alone has six shops and a dozen baristas representing… enough for a sweep 😉

  5. I’m so excited to see Jeremy and David and Randy (and Ryan!) and Aldo folks and everyone who is anyone in Pittsburgh!

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