Fall is upon us

How I love the cool weather.  I know that growing up in Minnesota and attending college in Montana have prepared me for sweatertime better than most but you must admit that the past five days have been great.

No real news to report.  Thanks to everyone who stopped in this weekend to celebrate with us and a special thanks to the two all-star baristas that joined us on Sunday.  Katie and Aaron, it was a delight to see you both and Jill and I hope to visit very soon.  We also had a Latte Art Death Match tournament on Saturday night with David Flynn taking top honors and a gift card to Belga Cafe.

We have two new drinks for the fall–Autumn Con Panna and La Rose Noire–as well as a single-origin espresso–Finca Mauritania Pulp Natural from El Salvador.  That now makes three coffees from the same farm available to drink at any time.  Yum.

Oh, and we finally got our saucers in for the 12 oz cups.  Hooray.  The Beehouse drippers, however, are backordered for a couple more weeks from Japan.


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