Grand Opening this weekend

Many of the details are final for this weekend’s extravaganza.

Guest espressos from our friends at Bumper Crop Coffee (Couer D’Alene, ID) and Ritual Coffee Roasters (San Francisco) complementing the old standby Aficionado from CCC
Guest baristas Aaron Ultimo (Spruce Street Espresso, Philly) and Katie Carguilo (Counter Culture, NY)
New menu additions:  La Rose Noire (Chocolate Rose Macchiato) and Autumn Con Panna (SO Finca Mauritania Pulped Natural with Pumpkin Cream)

Come by Saturday or Sunday for all of these things, though the menu additions will stay for the season.


3 responses to “Grand Opening this weekend

  1. I can’t wait to see it! We’re so excited! You guys have done such an amazing job.

  2. Congratulations… Have a grand grand opening.

    Wish I could be there – the Microcosm blend will have to do. Pull and quaff with gusto.

  3. Ryan and Jill–We are both excited for you as you celebrate your grand opening; we just wish we could be there for all the fun–and hugs!

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