Goat cheese

We are happy to say that yesterday we began serving Chevre from Cherry Glen Farms in Boyds, MD, as our “goat cheese” with the baguettes.  It is very delicious and very local.

Our dairy, Trickling Springs Creamery, dropped off a couple of boxes of Edible Chesapeake magazine with their delivery yesterday so look for a copy in the store by the newspaper stand.  Learn more about our local foodshed and the delicious seasonal foods to be eaten by you.

Also, we are putting together some good stuff for the weekend of October 18-19 as our grand opening celebration.  We’ll have some guest coffees and guest baristas as well as two signature drinks debuting on our coffee menu.  Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Goat cheese

  1. mmm…goat cheese

  2. Ryan,
    Goat milk steams wonderfully for lattes. A local farmer (with goats, obviously) occasionally brings in a quart of goat milk. I’ve also done SO Ethiopian espresso with goat milk–talk about REAL old school.
    Talked with your Dad today and am happy to hear all is well with your shop.
    Happy Holidays.
    Greg Stumbo

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