Monthly Archives: October 2008

New Bakeries!!

Dearest Peregrine Espresso Customers,

After months of conversations with a variety of bakeries, we are proud to debut a new lineup this weekend.  Our pastry lineup—including muffins, scones, croissants and a tasty egg-and-cheese breakfast brioche—comes from Buzz Bakery in Alexandria.  The Rustico, Cranberry-Walnut and Kalamata Olive rolls are baked on South Capitol St. in DC by Lyon Bakery.  We continue to have Cherry Glen Farms Chevre, Trickling Springs Creamery Butter, Whole Blueberry Preserves and Fig Jam to pair with these rolls.

We are excited for these new items and hope that you are, too.  We are sorry to take away anything that has become a favorite but trust that there are new favorites to be found.  As always, feel free to talk to me or shoot me an email at with any thoughts, feelings, suggestions or questions.

Thanks for all of your love and support.

Ryan and Jill Jensen


Mo’s Bacon Bar

Tonight on Unwrapped on the Food Network, they are uncovering the secrets of Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges.  We have been enjoying eating and selling the Mo’s bar the past couple of months and are excited to see this segment on one of our favorite guilty pleasures.  Vosges is also set to be featured in Time magazine this week so look out for that.  Hooray for Vosges!

Another glorious Monday

I’m really enjoying the Finca Mauritania Pulp Natural Espresso right now and you should too.  Super sweet and delicious with some mild fruitiness.  Try it alone or request it in the drink of your choice.

Stay tuned for a big announcement later this week.

Fall is upon us

How I love the cool weather.  I know that growing up in Minnesota and attending college in Montana have prepared me for sweatertime better than most but you must admit that the past five days have been great.

No real news to report.  Thanks to everyone who stopped in this weekend to celebrate with us and a special thanks to the two all-star baristas that joined us on Sunday.  Katie and Aaron, it was a delight to see you both and Jill and I hope to visit very soon.  We also had a Latte Art Death Match tournament on Saturday night with David Flynn taking top honors and a gift card to Belga Cafe.

We have two new drinks for the fall–Autumn Con Panna and La Rose Noire–as well as a single-origin espresso–Finca Mauritania Pulp Natural from El Salvador.  That now makes three coffees from the same farm available to drink at any time.  Yum.

Oh, and we finally got our saucers in for the 12 oz cups.  Hooray.  The Beehouse drippers, however, are backordered for a couple more weeks from Japan.

Grand Opening this weekend

Many of the details are final for this weekend’s extravaganza.

Guest espressos from our friends at Bumper Crop Coffee (Couer D’Alene, ID) and Ritual Coffee Roasters (San Francisco) complementing the old standby Aficionado from CCC
Guest baristas Aaron Ultimo (Spruce Street Espresso, Philly) and Katie Carguilo (Counter Culture, NY)
New menu additions:  La Rose Noire (Chocolate Rose Macchiato) and Autumn Con Panna (SO Finca Mauritania Pulped Natural with Pumpkin Cream)

Come by Saturday or Sunday for all of these things, though the menu additions will stay for the season.

Washington Post Express


There was a nice little article in the Washington Post Express today.  Pick up a copy or find it here.

Note:  one little factual error in the article–We didn’t purchase the location from anyone.  The space was vacant and we (Jill and Ryan) signed a brand new lease with the landlords and outfitted it with all brand new equipment.

Enjoy your day.

Also, I apologize to my mother for the use of the word ‘like’ in my quotes in the article.  I’m working on it.

Goat cheese

We are happy to say that yesterday we began serving Chevre from Cherry Glen Farms in Boyds, MD, as our “goat cheese” with the baguettes.  It is very delicious and very local.

Our dairy, Trickling Springs Creamery, dropped off a couple of boxes of Edible Chesapeake magazine with their delivery yesterday so look for a copy in the store by the newspaper stand.  Learn more about our local foodshed and the delicious seasonal foods to be eaten by you.

Also, we are putting together some good stuff for the weekend of October 18-19 as our grand opening celebration.  We’ll have some guest coffees and guest baristas as well as two signature drinks debuting on our coffee menu.  Stay tuned.