opening day

After a long and exhausting day, I think we are ready to open.  We had our health inspection today at about 1 pm and took a drive down to DCRA to make it official.

The doors will open at 7 tomorrow morning, though I will warn you that we still have a few loose ends to finish up, including actually putting the marble on the bar in front of the espresso machine which will happen before the weekend begins.

Either way, coffee will be served–and sold–tomorrow.


Before the moment passes, I just want to thank everyone for all the kind words and support over the past weeks and months.  We are very excited to open our doors tomorrow to a neighborhood that we care so much about and serve such dear friends.  You are all very appreciated and loved.

See you soon.

-Ryan and Jill


6 responses to “opening day

  1. WooHoo!

  2. i saw this posted last night and seriously couldn’t sleep. congratulations! the coffee was excellent!

  3. oh I’m so excited!! i can’t wait to come see it. xo mandy

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  6. A belated congratulations from the NW crew at Imbibe. We’re happy to see coffee culture continue in your neck of the woods (not to mention my DC friends who live in the area and are happy to have you nearby!) Best, Siobhan

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