Mid-late August Update

Well, we’ve passed the mid part of August and are well into the mid-late part.  We’re even getting pretty near late.  And, obviously, no coffee for sale quite yet.  Have no fear…it’s coming.

We have been finishing up some of the finer details-paint, stain, lighting, training, suppliers.  Gearing up for a health inspection early in the coming week.  We got all of our furniture earlier in the week but crammed it into our living room so that it would be out of the way for some finishing coats on the floor.  We had our three compartment sink installed but moved it out of the way to paint and repair the room that it is in.  So currently the place looks a little messy and incomplete, but we are closer than it appears.

We have a full staff, full hearts and a full hopper of coffee ready to go.  OK, so that was a little cheesy and we will have fresh coffee to replace the beans currently in the hopper.  Regardless, we’re getting primed.

For today, all I have is a picture of the pastry case that we got in this week.


2 responses to “Mid-late August Update

  1. Ha… you had me going with the “full hopper of coffee ready to go.” Looking forward to enjoying some freshies!

  2. Alex is going to actually get me to drag myself down from Baltimore. I can’t wait to visit!

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