new things

So we got our espresso machine on Monday and today we got one of our special order grinders. Work continues on the floor and bar design to make everything really really pretty. We just received word that our pastry case has shipped and all of our indoor furniture is sitting in Alexandria waiting for our call. Whether we are ready or not, everything is converging at 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE.

The robur-e grinder…

Good times.

For those that have asked about buying tshirts, we should have plenty of the initial run of shirts to last the next couple of weeks. Next week should present some good tshirt buying opportunities, including over the weekend, so that would be the best time to pick up your very own peregrine espresso shirt. If you haven’t come by before the end of the month, you may be out of luck on your “reserved” size(s).  I know we haven’t provided much in the way of purchasing opportunities, but I assure you that that time is coming.


One response to “new things

  1. While walking by the shop this morning I noticed the new sign above the window. Awesomeness. Congratulations.

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