The Patio is Open!

Hey, y’all.

We got our patio furniture in yesterday and we’ll be putting it out on weekdays for your sitting pleasure. Come try it out. The wireless is working, too, so if you are bored at your home office and want a free place to perch for awhile, stop on by.

We also got our cute little icon mugs for use and for sale.

The floor is getting stained over the weekend and the coffee equipment goes in Monday. Oh, happy day.


4 responses to “The Patio is Open!

  1. Currently wearing my Perigrine shirt (Size S). Love the patio furniture! Looks comfy and sleek. Can’t wait to plant my butt in one of those chairs…

  2. please, may i have/buy two tee shirts…1 xl, 1 medium?

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  4. This new espresso bar looks promising. The Hill desperately needs “Change” and “Hope” in the coffee arena.

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