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Sunday afternoon

It’s been a long weekend and we are once again overwhelmed by the support shown by our neighborhood and friends.  We had some issues with the air conditioning on Friday and Saturday but we are hoping that the improvement seen today was due to the replacement of the air filters this morning.  The old ones were clearly done in by the amount of sanding that we’ve done in the space this summer, though they were replaced about a month ago.  Other than that, it’s been an exciting and fun couple of days.

I would post some pictures but Jill has the camera.  The marble by the espresso bar went in Friday night and pretty much all of the details are taken care of for now.  We need to install the final two pieces of marble along the south wall for a seated bar area and we’ll be fully functioning.


Opening Day Press

Check out this shout out from Daily Candy:

opening day

After a long and exhausting day, I think we are ready to open.  We had our health inspection today at about 1 pm and took a drive down to DCRA to make it official.

The doors will open at 7 tomorrow morning, though I will warn you that we still have a few loose ends to finish up, including actually putting the marble on the bar in front of the espresso machine which will happen before the weekend begins.

Either way, coffee will be served–and sold–tomorrow.


Before the moment passes, I just want to thank everyone for all the kind words and support over the past weeks and months.  We are very excited to open our doors tomorrow to a neighborhood that we care so much about and serve such dear friends.  You are all very appreciated and loved.

See you soon.

-Ryan and Jill

The paper is down!

Come see what has been hidden behind the newspaper – and get free coffee. Well, only tomorrow (Thursday, August, 28) from 7-9am.

Our health inspection should follow the free coffee on Thursday. And then the opening should follow on Friday, if all goes well with DC.

Mid-late August Update

Well, we’ve passed the mid part of August and are well into the mid-late part.  We’re even getting pretty near late.  And, obviously, no coffee for sale quite yet.  Have no fear…it’s coming.

We have been finishing up some of the finer details-paint, stain, lighting, training, suppliers.  Gearing up for a health inspection early in the coming week.  We got all of our furniture earlier in the week but crammed it into our living room so that it would be out of the way for some finishing coats on the floor.  We had our three compartment sink installed but moved it out of the way to paint and repair the room that it is in.  So currently the place looks a little messy and incomplete, but we are closer than it appears.

We have a full staff, full hearts and a full hopper of coffee ready to go.  OK, so that was a little cheesy and we will have fresh coffee to replace the beans currently in the hopper.  Regardless, we’re getting primed.

For today, all I have is a picture of the pastry case that we got in this week.

New things- v.2

We got a lot of new things the last couple of days. It is very exciting, but everything is now covered in sawdust. Here are a few glimpses of what is going on…

We have a sign…

Some tables and chairs…

The beginning of a coffee bar.

A pour over brew bar.

And some stuff…

Hopefully more to show in the next couple days as we clean some stuff up and finish painting.

new things

So we got our espresso machine on Monday and today we got one of our special order grinders. Work continues on the floor and bar design to make everything really really pretty. We just received word that our pastry case has shipped and all of our indoor furniture is sitting in Alexandria waiting for our call. Whether we are ready or not, everything is converging at 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE.

The robur-e grinder…

Good times.

For those that have asked about buying tshirts, we should have plenty of the initial run of shirts to last the next couple of weeks. Next week should present some good tshirt buying opportunities, including over the weekend, so that would be the best time to pick up your very own peregrine espresso shirt. If you haven’t come by before the end of the month, you may be out of luck on your “reserved” size(s).  I know we haven’t provided much in the way of purchasing opportunities, but I assure you that that time is coming.