Last day of July

First off, I need to share a picture of a beverage I had on Saturday. We went grocery shopping at My Organic Market and, in the cooler near the checkout, they had Coffee Berry Juice. It was flavored with strawberry juice but still had some coffee berry character to it. The container boasted that it was high in antioxidants and has as much caffeine as a cup of tea.

Things are moving at the shop. Today the Cirqua will be activated and water lines will be prepared for all o the coffee equipment.

We have one sink dropped in place though not yet connected and the other should be done today.

Also, our pendant lights are hung above the bar and have us all pretty stoked, as Peter G would say.

More to come in the next couple of days–sanding the floor on Saturday!!!

(oops.  almost forgot the tshirt)


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