Progress Report- July 25


I just enjoyed a piece of Leah’s birthday cake over at Hill’s Kitchen and am watching work being completed in the space.  At some point earlier this week, the cabinets looked like they were in the right place and the counters (while not attached) looked ready to hold some wonderful coffee equipment.  All of that was done in order to push it all to the side and finish the floor so that they can be permanently attached.  And so that the electrician can come in and make his plan for running all the electrical.

Apparently, a 4-group La Marzocco GB5 takes a 50-amp 220 rather than the 30-amp that a 3-group takes (which is what was in here before).  Also, we needed to run a phone line from the back room (where the phone jack is) to the cashier station (where the POS system will be).

The t-shirts are shipping out today to arrive on Tuesday.  I’ve run into some folks on the street that are hoping to have some set aside.  There should be plenty for everyone–I ordered over 100!–and it’ll be easy to get some more so have no fear.  I’ve also been told that I should start a coffee bean delivery service to keep everyone satisfied for the next month.

That said, I realize that I haven’t given an updated estimate for opening:  well, we are looking at late August at this point.  That’s all I can really say right now.


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