Feats of Geometric Strength

Over the past few weeks, I’ve lost a number of hours of sleep to the Pythagorean Theorem.  You see, we’ve purchased a very large fridge for a very small room and an even smaller hallway to get into very small room.  I’ve spent a good chunk of time laying in bed working the dimensions through the Theorem to determine whether or not the fridge will make it from the narrow hallway (beginning lengthwise) into the small storage room, turning through a doorway.

We had maybe an inch to spare.

The pictures don’t look as impressive as the reality of the situation.  Since the space itself is real small, there isn’t enough room for enough refrigerators to store enough milk to stay open through a busy weekend.  So, the extra fridge wedged in the back storage room is crucial and it would’ve been a shame if we couldn’t have made it work.  Alas, I’ll sleep better tonight.


Fridge 2

And a (working) wireless router and a new ice machine in boxes.


Ice Machine


3 responses to “Feats of Geometric Strength

  1. holy crap! i cant believe you fit that bohemeth back there! he looks so cute!!
    now you’ll be able to fit seventeen cases of cream cheese in the back.. oh wait.. no bagels 🙂

  2. I personally find the picture very impressive, really. I am also really excited to be arriving in DC right around the time you’ll be gettting started, I cant wait.

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