Three Day Weekend

A few more small steps in the last couple of days:  We got our phone and internet hooked up at the shop but we don’t yet have the wireless active so keep your laptops at home for the time being.  I’ve also been focusing some attention on our food vendors and making sure we’re all set to go.  Also, yesterday we got new cell phones for the first time in three years-somewhat work related because the phone I’ve been using hasn’t really been working out.

We are currently waiting for a few more pieces of equipment to arrive to make sure we are building everything exactly right.  Also, the actual countertops are set to arrive this next week which will enable the last step of building phase.  In the meantime, we will be redoing the tile on a few sections of the floor behind and under the bar and working on the finish for the wainscoting.

Because of the holiday, there isn’t much that can happen today.  Instead, I’ll be trying to figure out how to use the new phone and enjoying the day off.  We hear that Good Stuff Eatery is giving away free ice cream.


One response to “Three Day Weekend

  1. i want to see photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is so exciting!!! has your espresso machine arrived yet??????

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