Thoughts- July 1

Good afternoon.

I have been told to provide more updates even when there aren’t pictures…

So- It is now July.  We have been saying for the last couple of weeks that we are hoping to open in August.  That’s next month.  There is still a bit that needs to happen between now and then.  Today, I purchased our last major piece of equipment–an ice machine.  A three thousand dollar ice machine.  Is that really necessary?

We have had carpenters working in the space for the past week but we are waiting on our countertops to arrive next week to really start to pull things together.  Right now, it’s just a lot of loose ends in the space and a lot of tiny decisions behind the scenes in order to make sure that we have things set for opening.

A couple of things from today: posted job application on site so that we can eventually have a staff, working on text for the real website, scheduled appointment with phone company to get connected later this week, ordered tea samples for a tasting to whittle down our final choices, and continually checking apartment listings for our impending move from the NE side of the Hill closer to the store.

And I made a batch of granola this morning.


3 responses to “Thoughts- July 1

  1. You could move into our apartment!

    Well, maybe. We’re not actually sure whether our landlords want to rent it out again after we move (on August 2). But let me know if you’d be interested in talking with them.

  2. Ice machine? All you need is a big cooler and barista’s with strong enough arms to walk from 711 carrying 40 pounds of ice.

  3. We know about your granola.

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