6/4 Mock-up

We now have a mock-up of the bar so we can test the layout. It’s really exciting to see what it will look like someday. You need an imagination to see it – all of the equipment is made of cardboard.


7 responses to “6/4 Mock-up

  1. so cool!
    i’ll be in dc next week. can i come take a sneak peek? maybe pull some ghost shots?

  2. I bet I can beat the both of you in and imaginary latte art contest.

  3. Excellent equipment choice. I love Roboors–they make such nice xpro!

  4. Ryan, couldn’t be more thrilled for you. The circle comes Round. Will stop in Wed.(am). Hope to catch /congratulate you.
    Very BEST!! Craig

  5. Mike, you know, Mike Sala

    Looks awesome, it’s good that there are a few things to look forward to back in the good ole US of A.

  6. Do you guys have a tentative opening date? I am getting antsy!

  7. peregrineespresso

    There are more pics coming by tomorrow of the newly painted ceiling and there should be more progress to report this coming week.

    Re: opening date: For now, we are hoping for late July/early August but anything can happen. We know that it has been a rough couple of months for the Hill and we are working on opening as soon as we can.

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