Monthly Archives: June 2008

Update 6/29

We just returned from a family vacation in Florida but things have been moving along without us. We have a bunch of equipment laying around in boxes and it really looks like a construction site. And we have the beginnings of what may be a coffee bar.

Equipment everywhere

Our construction site to be coffee shop

Equipment everywhere

Beginnings of a coffee bar


Update 6/14

Well, today is my birthday. We have a few pictures of some painting that’s been going on the last couple of days. We were excited to see the ceiling tiles come down and get a fresh coat of “Poetic Light” on them–should really brighten the place up. Two-thirds of the wall space was also given a first coat.

Also, we threw in a picture of Jill and I before we headed across the street to Locanda for some delicious birthday fare.


Half painted

Paint on wall

jill and ryan

6/4 Mock-up

We now have a mock-up of the bar so we can test the layout. It’s really exciting to see what it will look like someday. You need an imagination to see it – all of the equipment is made of cardboard.