5/18 demolition is through

Triple exclamation points, kids.

The bar is gone as well as that little island that jutted out from the wall.  We’re really excited but at the same time wondering what we’ve just done.

Take a look:

the bar is really really gone

no island


7 responses to “5/18 demolition is through


  2. Woohoo! We’ll take your money!

  3. Elizabeth Heir

    This is so exciting! It’s so awesome to see the change happening right in front of us! You know I’m planning on peeping through the windows, so if you put up paper you’d best leave me a little eyehole!

  4. This is crazy; I can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s going to be so foreign…and awesome.

  5. Awesome! It looks so strange. I’ve been wondering what that would look like…

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!!


  6. a new counter yippie congrates i can’t wait to drink the coffee congrates

  7. peregrineespresso

    Crazy is right.

    I suppose that one of these days, we’ll have to pay our SCAA dues as well as our CHAMPS dues and, well, there are a lot of other things we’ll have to pay for.

    We’ll take you NYC kids anytime. And the Philly kids, too. And the Paris kid.

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