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Update 5/30

For several days we’ve been doing a lot of backroom work like choosing equipment and banking stuff. Our designer and contractor are working on finishing up the layout drawings. Once that is finished, the drawings can get approved, and then we can start building!

Some very exciting news is that Friday, May 30, is Ryan’s last day of work with Counter Culture Coffee – he will officially be Peregrine’s first full-time employee! We are sad to say goodbye to Counter Culture as an employer, but are happy that we will continue our relationship by being a customer.

We’ll post more photos when we start building.


Update 5/22

We don’t have much to show for the last few days. We’ve been working on the layout to figure out exactly what we are going to build and making sure that everything fits. In the meantime, we covered the windows and put a coat of primer on the walls. This is the view from the street:

The view from the street

5/18 demolition is through

Triple exclamation points, kids.

The bar is gone as well as that little island that jutted out from the wall.  We’re really excited but at the same time wondering what we’ve just done.

Take a look:

the bar is really really gone

no island

5/16 Demolition Begins

Friday, May 16, was the first day for demolition.  The back countertop was taken off, as well as the menu boards.  They started with the front counter but were asked to wait until the doctor’s office closed for the day.

Here is the carnage:

Demolition 1

Demolition 2

Stage 2 demolition coming soon.

our first press

I had a chat with Rend Smith from the Washington City Paper today.

To read the story, click here.

the “before”

Of course, i want to kick this thing off with some “before” pics.

This is what we have to start with and we are excited to have “during” and “after” pics coming soon.from the front

from the back

behind the bar

back/mop room

Hopefully, soon we’ll have progress photos.  Then finished photos.  Then a sign on the front that says “Peregrine Espresso” and one next to it that says “open”.